2019 New Year Message 2019, A era of investment of big health industry

Dear shareholders, I wish you have a happy lunar new year and wish you all a year full of health, wealth, happiness and prosperity.


Health is the eternal topic of human beings, and it is an important indicator of society progress. The big health industry is becoming a global hotspot. After the “mechanization era” from steam engines and later the “electrical era”, “computer age “and “information network era”, now it’s the time for “health care era”. Big health industry has become a global new engine of the economy. It is including the field of medical products, health products, nutrition supplements, medical equipment, health care equipment, leisure and fitness, health management, health consultation and many other fields which are closely related to the human health. It is also related to people’s basic necessities of life even death. People’s pursuit of health is more than any era in the past. The shining topic that was once rumored was “Ma Yun said that in the future, the only one who can beat him and Alibaba, must be the health industry”. In 2019, the golden age of health industry development has arrived, and the prospects for industry development will be explosive. We are facing the great opportunity for the development of the big health. Under the impetus of the policy and demands of the market, I believe that in 2019 we will definitely play a big role in the field of the big health.


Looking back on 2018 ,the company moved from OTCPINK to OTCQB for stock trading. This substantial step lead us just one step away to know down the door of the capital market. In 2018, we completed the following work as scheduled:

--- On January 1, 2018, the company acquired the SUSS production plant and change its name to Merion Production;

--- On February 7, 2018, the DTC department approved the trading of electronic stock system; 

--- On February 28, 2018, the OTC department approved the transfer from OTCPINK to OTCQB.

--- On April 1, 2018, the company applied for the US trademark registration serial number 87858552

--- On July 31, 2018, the company launched new developed products:
˙Viwooba#1 – Nourish and Strengthen Kidney functions, Aphrodisiac(Muira Puama extract,etc);
˙Vivooba#2- Stimulate male hormones and improve sexual ability (damiana Extract, etc);
˙Vivooba#3- Help the penis become thicker and longer;
˙Magical source -Reversing aging – it can extend life expectancy by 30% - The " Magical " health product makes you be 30 years younger;
˙Tai Bao- Enhance physical performance and energy metabolism (small molecule oligopeptides) ;
˙Lady S-Weight Loss - Reduces whole Body Fat with Exercise - Reduces Legs fat without exercise- (HCA is a natural extract with a clear chemical composition and weight loss mechanism. It inhibits the synthesis of fat, promotes the burning of fatty acids, and reduces the absorption of the amount of sugar from food, the combination of these three effects makes you slim and lose weight rapidly, it is a rare natural slimming product + calcium pyruvate extracted from vegetables can help you accelerate the burning of fat, it is the nemesis of elephant legs! The daily dose of 2.4-12 grams will achieve the effect of slimming and losing weight).

---On December 5, 2018, the company signed a cooperation agreement with Mongolia-China Belt and Road Trade Development Promotion Committee and Mongolia IFBB Health Industry Co., Ltd. Merion, Inc. has been designated as an approved supplier of IFBB. In order to guarantee the production quality and stable supple of IFBB international events, Merion, Inc. holds 15% shares of Mongolia IFBB Health industry Co., Ltd. And enter into the Board of directors of the cooperative company.

Looking forward to 2019,we are expecting longer progress: 
The company will look for more opportunities in the big health industry, integrate medical, health care, biology, medicine and etc., to attract more capital attention with the larger market space.

Pioneering into more industries, such as diamond jewelry, agate jade and etc. It’s currently being implemented steadily.

The first half of the 2019 annual plan includes the following:

---In the first quarter, completed the marketing channel for the docking of the jewelry and health products platform with Alitaitai Industrial Co., Ltd. (agreement signed on Jan 8, 2019)

---In the first quarter, the company completed the production and supply of five kinds of food imported into China’s secondary distribution market;

---In the second quarter, completed the testing of the ‘special supply of protein powder’ and arranged mass production.

---In the second quarter, completed the blockchain STO service platform system of the North American diamond jewelry website.

---In the second quarter, complete the appointment of 7 people of the board of directors (1 chairman+ 4 directors +2 independent directors) and strategic management committee, nomination and corporate governance committee, and remuneration committee.

In 2018, even though there was hesitation and embarrassment, everything has passed. Our Merion people always have the power to penetrate the haze and point to the front. We firmly believe that success is from hope. Only when we are standing on the ground and walk step and step, we will take it to next level, grow with a new leap and have a wonderful achievement!

The bell of 2019 is ringing, at this new standing point, we are full of confidence. We will unite our common strength, create a new chapter, and continue to advance and keep up with the times!

Finally, on behalf of the board of directors of the company, I would like to express my gratitude for all the hard work of our diligent employees, sincere trust of our investors and the warm support of the customers. Once again, I wish you all the best, good health, and happiness in the new year.

Danies Wang Chairman