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Merion Inc. is a public biotechnology company. The ticker symbol is EWLU. Merion manufactory is committed to bringing a higher level of quality and service to contract and private-label nutritional and dietary supplement manufacturing. 

We meet all industry nutritional and dietary supplements manufacturing standards, including FDA and GMP compliance and cGMP regulations.With over 20 years of industry experience, our professionals manage the process and produce the products with substantial-quality controls for both custom formulations and private labeling.

With our complete in house team, we are your one-stop-shop to get everything you need to manufacture and sell your line of private label supplements. Get your supplements manufactured, bottled, labeled, packaged and shipped all from one place. To save your company time and money today. From the initial quote, raw material purchase, lab and testing, manufacturing and bottling, label and packaging to shipping and fulfillment, we provide a wide range of services to meet all of our clients’ needs. No matter what step of development you are currently at, Merion Manufacturing offers everything you will need. 

We can help differentiate your products by creating customized formulas that leverage our extensive sourcing expertise and R&D capabilities. Our quality control department, production department, the laboratory, and customer service will all together to strictly control the quality of your products, which lets your high-quality products be successful in the market and satisfied by customers. With flexible terms and capacity to manufacture both large and small orders, we guarantee the purity of our products through every step of the manufacturing process. We also offer a schedule flexible production runs to respond quickly to shifting market demands which will shorten the production processing to 15 days most.
Merion is on the leading edge of what’s next. We were decades ahead of the natural health and wellness trend which now dominates the vitamin and supplement industry, and we remain continuously at the forefront. Having a deep understanding of the market, we are experts in the product segments that are most in-demand, including plant-based nutrition, vitamins, proteins, and tea bags. We look forward to bringing your superior nutritional, dietary, and private label supplements manufacturing needs to live in the marketplace.