About Us

- Company Profile -

Merion, Inc is a public US biotechnology company founded in Jan 2007 and registered in the State of Nevada. The head office is in Los Angeles, California. The Ticker Symbol is EWLU. With the purpose of helping people to improve their quality of their lives with great nutrition supplement products, we have been making great efforts to provide the best quality products, from the scientific research to manufacturing and packaging.

Merion, Inc has its own exclusive biological small molecules nutrition formulation. With the worldwide top biotechnology R & D team, we development and produce 100% plants extracts small molecular nutrition supplements with cell carrier. Merion, Inc. continues to introduce high-tech small molecules +cell carrier nutrient products based on the market demand, and fully expand the market from online and offline through the e-commerce platform, which increases the sales year by year. As our fast development, we will further increase R&D and production of new products, strengthening the independent laboratory building, expand the production scale, increase market supply capacity to meet the needs of market development, especially in fast growing Asia-Pacific market. Our service aims to be honest, caring society and health and making deserved contribution for benefit mankind.

The company focuses on "small molecule + carrier" cell dietary supplements and cell anti-aging research and development. Our biotechnology products are holding a leading position of the industry, which can be called the black technology products in 21st century.

Business Introduction:

We sell the self-brand nutrition supplements, mainly in China mainland and Asian markets. The company has a strong commercial business base with thousands of distributor and millions of loyal individual customers.

We sell health care beauty products and skincare products. Merion has a full range of self brand skincare products, which leads the advanced level of the industry through the high biotechnology. Meanwhile, Merion is constantly developing new high-tech beauty products, such as natural hair dye, anti-aging, weight loss and other cutting-edge high-biotech products.

US dietary supplements self-made and OEM business. Merion set up the GMP dietary supplements manufactory on Jan 1, 2018, which achieves a number of strategic and tactical purposes. This will also increase the business flow and improve the overall competitiveness of the companies and greatly strengthen the value of the company.

E-Hospital Business. This is a brand new business and also a primary business project of Merion in 2018. With the highly reputation and respect of US doctors and the actual need of the patients in China, through our platform on internet, we will connect US doctors and China hospitals and patients through video call to realize the overseas treatment and medicine prescription. We will also provide the service of medicine price inquiring, paying for medicine and delivering the medicine and etc. So that Chinese patients can get more and different opportunities for the treatment.

Future products plans of MERION, INC

Our company's new product "M-Power" is a "longevity supplement" that will to be launched soon by using bio-enzyme technology – (NMN ingredients + minerals + trace elements + carrier). The researches of NMN conducted by world-class scientists including Harvard University, the university of Washington, the university of New Zealand and Keio university of Japan have confirmed that NMN can extend the life span and repair ability of neuron cells, and reverse the life span of human longevity gene 1-7, so as to achieve the dream of immortality and youth.

David, a scientist at Harvard University, found that the NMN is effective in his experiment. He could not believe that this NMN had such amazing effects!

Now the posters are everywhere, and the people from all over the world are looking for this longevity supplement.

Please do not doubt about the amazing effects of NMN, and all the reports of these world-class scientific research institutions in the United States are true.

Our company has changed from selling dietary supplements to a bio-small molecules + carriers and biopharmaceutical company.

From manufacturing, marketing alliances, cross-border e-commerce services, combined with future commercial high-tech "blockchain anti-counterfeiting system engineering" + biopharmaceuticals (we have prepared to apply for three kinds of invention patents including biopeptide synthesis anti-aging, enhancing sexual function, and tumor polypeptide vaccine anti-cancer technology) + financial services is our development purpose.


- Merion E-Hospital -

E-Hospital and Local Hospital
Win-Win Cooperation to create the top medication & health care Center

Our E-Hospital provides the latest and the most advanced US health care information and products including legal exported nutrition supplements and new release medication to oversees local hospitals and any other medical institutes through the internet along to fulfill our commitment to care for the life and health. Our expert doctor team will give a periodical video consultation and oversea medical lecture to promote the exchanging. The combination of E-hospital and local hospital overseas will strengthen the recognition, popularity and reputation of the local hospital, expand the market share and increase the competitiveness of the local hospital.

E-Hospital Benefits:
--Remote treatment at anywhere;
--Variety of options between Chinese and American doctors;
--Direct medication shipping to your house;
--Getting to know the latest medical information; 
--Build up the personal health history cloud files;
--Provide the internet forum for communication and sharing between doctors and patients or patients to patients;
--Provide the high-tech nutrition supplements.


- Merion-GMP -

On January 1, 2018, Merion-GMP was formally operated with the annual production capacity of more than 10 million US dollars.

We provide the services of the formulations, raw material purchase, FDA export certificate, the production of capsules, tablets, powders, solid drinks, tea bags, granules, convenience kits, soft gel capsules and the products and health food export to meet the different needs of our customers. We can also provide the fine powder for soft gel capsule factories and making the special types of soft gel capsules with Chinese herbal.

The establishment of Merion-GMP brings the company three major changes: it firstly shortens the lead time of the manufacturing of self-owned brands of Merion to meet the market demand. Secondly, to satisfy the needs of products manufacturing of US domestic customers and foreign customers by OEM. Lastly, it shows the remarkable capability of Merion, Inc., which has significant meaning for the future capital operation and business development.(01-06-2018)