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The notice regarding the company information management regulation

According to the Insider Trading and Securities Fraud Enforcement Act passed by US Congress in 1988, the US Securities Regulatory Commission and the Department of Justice will impose civil penalties, fines and criminal penalties for any disclosure and use of company insider information to trade stocks. Our company is a public company registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and traded on OTC. The company stipulates that any company internal personnel, including directors, senior management and employees and other personnel involved in the company’s major insider information, should not disclose insider information of the company, otherwise it will have significant adverse consequences for the company, management and individuals, which is including collecting illegal income, a huge fine, not allowed to serve as a director and executive of any public company, the company was deregistered, delisted, and even the main responsible personnel were under criminal detention. In view of the significant consequences of violating insider trading regulations, the company stipulates that directors, offices and employees must not discuss any insider information with investors and shareholders. If investors and shareholders want to know the company’s current development, please visit SEC website to find out the company’s situation. If you have any questions, please send an email to, the company will review the relevant questions and give a reply based on the regulations.

From today, we will cancel the direct communication and WeChat contact between the customers who own the shares and the Chairman and company executives.

Hereby notice,