Cross-Border E-Commerce Import Cooperation Agreement Download

依据《中华人民共和国合同法》及海关总署相关条例的规定,甲乙双方经友好协商,依托跨境电商进口业务项目基本指导方针,本着诚信,平等,互惠互利之原则,就办理跨境电商进口综合服务业务达成本协议。Pursuant to the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China" and therelevant regulations of the General Administration of Customs, both partiesshall rely on the basic guidelines for cross-border e-commerce import businessprojects and reach this agreement for processing the cross-border importgeneral service business through friendly consultations in accordance with theprinciples of honesty, equality and mutual benefit.


甲方根据实际需求,执行以下服务模式:保税进口模式“保税进口模式”,涉及以下业务环节:电商企业备案(海关、国检)、商品备案(海关、国检)、国际物流、进口报关、进口报检、保税仓储、订单分拣、外箱包装、国内配送等事宜。1. the service contentParty A implements the following service modes according to actual needs:bonded import mode"Bonded import mode" involves the following business: e-commerceenterprise filing (customs, national inspection), commodity filing (customs,national inspection), international logistics, import declaration, importinspection, bonded warehousing, order sorting, outer box Packaging,domestic distribution and other matters.1) 甲方发货至码头、机场,应提前 7 个工作日以书面或电子邮件的形式告知乙方关于备货的商品品类、数量、装箱明细等信息。1) Party A shall deliver the goods to the port and the airport and notice Party Bin writing or by e-mail seven business days in advance about variety, quantity,packing details and other information.2) 甲方货物到达码头、机场后,由甲方或乙方推荐的代理公司申报转关并拖车至海关监管区,若出现如商品品名,品种类等原因与备案时提交的备案信息不符,或海关报检单据不正确,或商品质量不符合国家要求等问题导致无法正常转关、报关、报检等,乙方配合甲方进行整改再申报,由此产生的所有责任、风险、费用、损失及后果均由甲方承担。2) After Party A's goods arrive at the port or airport, the agentrecommended by Party A or Party B shall declare the transfer and trailer tothe customs supervision area. If the commodity’s name or catogory doesnot match with the registration information submitted at the time of filing, orthe customs inspection documents are incorrect, or the quality of the goods does not meet the requirements of the state, etc., the goods cannotbe properly transferred, customs declaration, inspection, etc., Party B shallcooperate with Party A to carry out rectification and re-declaration, allliabilities, risks, expenses, losses and consequences shall be borne byParty A.

3) 商品进入江阴保税区保税仓后,乙方根据甲方提供的商品信息,安排对商品的包装、外观、数量进行验收,但上述验收仅为直观可见的表面验收、抽查性验收,不对每一件商品的具体内容、品质进行实质性验收。甲方同意,上述抽性验收不妨碍乙方未来有权根据实际情况主张甲方没有全部提供真实、与其提供的信息不一致的商品的权利,乙方在验收及操作过程中,如发现商品与所提供的信息不符,或出现污损、短溢、水湿等情况,乙方应及时通知甲方相关人员进行确认及修正处理。甲方在接到乙方通知的三个工作日内无回复和处理信息,则视为认可乙方的验收通知。乙方应对收到商品妥善保管,如因乙方保管不善,导致商品出现损毁,灭失的,乙方按照进口报关申报价格为限承担赔偿责任。3) After the goods enter the bonded warehouse of Jiangyin Bonded Zone,Party B shall arrange for the inspection of the packaging, appearance andquantity of the goods according to the information provided by Party A, but theabove acceptance is only the visually acceptance and random inspectionacceptance, not for the substantive acceptance of the specific content andquality of the goods. Party A agrees that the above-mentioned samplingacceptance does not prevent Party B from having the right to claim in thefuture that Party A does not provide all the goods that are true and inconsistentwith the information provided by Party B. In the process of acceptance andoperation, Party B shall find the goods and the provided goods. If theinformation does not match, or there is any situation such as fouling, shortoverflow, or water wetness, Party B shall promptly notify relevant personnel ofParty A to confirm and correct the treatment. If Party A does not reply andprocess the request within three business days after receiving the notice from

Party B, it shall be deemed to have accepted the notice of Party B. Party Bshall properly keep the goods received. If the goods are damaged or lost dueto improper storage by Party B, Party B shall be liable for compensationaccording to the declared price of the import declaration.4) 在甲方货物进境清关过程中,依据海关规定缴纳相应额度的跨境电商税费及海关规定的费用,订购人为纳税义务人。在海关注册登记的电子商务企业、电子商务交易平台企业或物流企业作为税款的代收代缴义务人,代为履行纳税义务。同时,甲方电商平台必须向海关系统传输真实“四单信息”即交易信息、支付信息、物流信息、清单信息。合作协议的附件一《跨境电商服务费收取标准》仅用于服务费用及快递费用,不包含海关跨境电商税费及海关收费的保证金。4) In the process of customs clearance of Party A's goods, the cross-bordere-commerce tax and fees and the fees stipulated by the customs shall be paidaccording to the customs regulations, and the orderer shall be the taxpayer.The e-commerce enterprise, e-commerce transaction platform enterprise orlogistics enterprise registered in the customs as the collection and paymentobligor of the tax shall fulfill the tax liability on its behalf. At the same time,Party A's e-commerce platform must transmit the real “four-information”, that is,transaction information, payment information, logistics information, andinventory information to the customs system. Annex I of the CooperationAgreement “Cross-Border E-Commerce Service Fee Collection Standard” isonly used for service fees and express delivery fees, and does not includecustoms cross-border e-commerce tax and security deposit charged bycustoms.5) 包裹放行出区后,乙方将通过合作伙伴网络负责进行境内配送,包裹重量计费等均以配送公司计费为准(重量明细甲方可进行核实),甲方可在乙方合作伙伴网络平台进行查询并跟踪。配送过程中遇到的破损、短少等异常,乙方协助甲方向配送公司进行索赔;若因甲方提供的订单信息有误,导致货物不能送达至甲方消费者手中,由此产生的费用由甲方承担。

5) After the parcel is released from the exit area, Party B will be responsible fordomestic distribution through the partner network, and the parcel weight billingwill be subject to the billing of the distribution company (the weight can beverified by Party A), and Party A can track the goods on the partner networkplatform of Party B.If there is any abnormality such as damage or shortageduring the delivery process, Party B shall assist Party A to make a claim to thedistribution company; if the order information provided by Party A is incorrect,which cause the goods cannot be delivered to Party A's consumers, theresulting expenses are borne by Party A.6) 甲方客户在购买过程中需符合海关对跨境电商管理的要求,如额度,频次等,甲方应提前明确告知用户。如发生不合海关规造成包裹滞留或其它异常状况,乙方将全力配合处理,但由甲方承担全部责任。6) Party A's customers must meet customs requirements for cross-bordere-commerce management during the purchase process, such as quotas,frequency, etc. Party A should clearly inform users in advance. If there is anyirregularity or delayed package which against customs regulations, Party B willcooperate fully with PartyA, but Party A shall bear full responsibility


1. 甲方托运的包裹必须在国家部委发布的跨境电子商务零售进口商品清单之内。且直购进口商品品项需符合《中华人民共和国禁止携带、邮寄进境的动植物及其产品和其他检疫物名录》要求,包裹应根据保证运输安全的原则进行包装,不得在包裹中夹带危及运输安全的违禁品。1. The parcels consigned by Party A must be included in the list ofcross-border e-commerce retail imports issued by the national ministries. Andthe direct purchase of imported goods shall comply with the requirements ofthe "List of Animals and Plants and other products and Other QuarantineObjects Prohibited by the People's Republic of China for Carrying and Mailinginto the Country". The parcels shall be packaged according to the principle to

ensure the safety of transportation, and shall not be entrapped any contrabandwhich is again the transporation safety in the package.2. 甲方在企业备案过程中所提交的所有信息必须真实有效,必须有对应的电子商务网站或在第三方电子商务交易平台上的可信店铺。2. All information submitted by Party A during the enterprise filing process must be true andeffective, and must have a corresponding e-commerce website or a trusted store on a third-partye-commerce transaction platform.3. 甲方在商务备案过程中所提交的所有商品信息必须真实有效,包括其中各类参数必须准确描述及标注。3. All product information submitted by Party A during the business filingprocess must be true and effective, including the various parameters must beaccurately described and marked. 4. 甲方所提交给乙方跨境电商公共服务平台上的电子信息必须真实有效。包括其中各类参数必须准确描述及标注。涉及个人信息的如身份证等信息需要经过甲方必须的真实性认定手段核定。4. The electronic information submitted by Party A to Party B's cross-bordere-commerce public service platform must be true and effective, the includedvarious parameters must be accurately described and labeled. Informationsuch as identity cards that involve personal information needs to be verified bythe authenticity determined by Party A.5. 如因以上问题导致的货物(包裹)滞留、无法清关、海关追责、罚款等所有责任由甲方承担。5. If the goods (packages) are stranded, cannot be cleared, the customsaccountability, the fines, etc. due to the above problems, which shall be borneby Party A.6. 甲方可随时通过乙方配备的对接人员了解各类业务情况并处理异常状况。6. Party A can understand the various business situations and handleabnormal conditions at any time through the personnel arranged by Party B.7. 甲方如因各类问题发生弃货等情况,乙方可根据海关相应政策会同海关、国检进行集中处理,甲方需积极配合,其产生的费用由甲方负责。

7. If Party A has abandoned the goods due to various problems, Party B may,in accordance with the relevant policies, conduct centralized processing withthe Customs and the State Inspection. Party A shall actively cooperate, andParty A shall be responsible for the expenses incurred.8. 因甲方违反协议及海关相关规定和条款,包括(包含但不限于):货物(包裹)申报不实、寄运严禁入境商品被海关罚没或退运、货物(包裹)超过海关规定所限制的数量所导致的罚款、罚没及退运等,所产生的责任和费用由甲方负责。9. Party A shall be responsible for the responsibilities and expenses if Party Aviolates the agreement and relevant customs regulations and terms,including (including but not limited to): the goods (parcels) are falselydeclared, shipment is strictly prohibited by the customs to be fined orreturned by the customs,and the quantity of goods (parcels) exceeds thelimit imposed by customs regulations incurred for fines and returns and etc.10.甲方有义务告知用户在整个购买过程中需要用户的身份信息,跨境电商税费相关政策等,若因用户不知情而导致的责任由甲方负责。10. Party A is obliged to inform the user of the identity information of the userduring the entire purchase process, the cross-border e-commerce tax andrelated policies, etc., Party A shall be responsible for all the issues caused bythe user's.11.对于贵重、易碎品,甲方应自行购买第三方商业保险。11. For valuable and fragile products, Party A shall purchase third-partycommercial insurance by itself.12.甲方或其委托的物流企业需在海关保证金账户预存足额的保证金,用于在通关过程中核扣税款。12. Party A or its entrusted logistics enterprise shall deposit sufficient margin inthe customs deposit account to deduct the tax during the customs clearanceprocess.13.甲乙双方在整体业务合作过程中必须对所有信息、操作流程、数据、合作事

项进行保密。13. Both Party A and Party B must keep all information, operational procedures,data, and cooperation matters confidential during the overall businesscooperation process.


1. 乙方应及时通过邮件或其他书面方式告知甲方有关服务报价、海关或商检相关规定的调整情况,以便甲方事先做好准备。1. Party B shall promptly notify Party A of the adjustment of the servicequotation, customs or commodity inspection regulations by mail or otherwrittennotive, so that Party A can prepare in advance.2. 乙方受甲方委托,协助甲方办理江阴跨境电商进口业务各类备案事项。2. Party B is entrusted by Party A to assist Party A in handling all kinds of filingmatters for Jiangyin's cross-border e-commerce import business.3. 乙方负责以最佳服务态度和能力全面处理全程各个节点操作的事项。3. Party B is responsible for comprehensively handling the operation of eachnode in the whole process with the best service attitude and ability.4. 乙方确保在整个电子信息传送过程中的各项数据的安全性。在未经过甲方许可的情况下不得以任何方式泄露给第三方或自行使用这些数据。4. Party B ensures the security of all data during the entire electronicinformation transmission process. You may not disclose it to third parties oruse the data yourself in any way without the permission of Party A.5. 乙方确保在全程物流操作中以较快的处理效率进行。5. Party B ensures faster processing efficiency in the whole process oflogistics.6. 货物(包裹)在跨境电商监管区内进行操作过程中,如遇乙方过失造成的损失,乙方将会同甲方进行全面处理,所发生的费用由乙方承担。6. During the operation of the goods (parcels) in the cross-border e-commercesupervision area, in case of losses caused by Party B’s negligence, Party B

will conduct comprehensive processing with Party A, and the expensesincurred shall be borne by Party B.7. 因甲方提供了错误、不完整的收货地址信息,无法联系收件人而造成的错误配送所产生的费用及相关的后果,由甲方承担责任。7. Party A shall be liable for the costs and related consequences of incorrectdelivery caused by the failure of Party A to provide incorrect and incompletedelivery address information.8. 因为不可抗拒力的影响造成质量变化的纸质或塑料制包装的液体、摄影图像或任何形式记录的电磁破坏、删除或其他类似损坏,不适合长途长时间运输的物品、需加固而未加固货物(包裹)等如发生损坏,乙方不予赔偿。8. Party B shall not be responsible and compensated the followings due to theinfluence of force majeure, including any quality change of the paper and theliquid with plastic package, electromagnetic damage, deletion or other similardamage to any photographic images or any form of recording, the goods notsuitable for long-distance transportation, the goods need to be reinforced butnot reinforced which caused to damage, for9. 发生的一系列不可抗力,包括(包含但不限于):空难事故、公敌入侵、政府当局、法律权限、海关或检疫所官员的行为或疏忽、暴动、罢工或者其他地区性争执、民众骚乱、战争或天气所带来的危险,而导致了快递渠道堵塞,乙方依然会尽力完成发货任务,但没有义务承担事后赔偿责任。9. A series of force majeure events, including (including but not limited to): airaccidents, public enemies, government authorities, legal authorities, acts ornehligence, riots, strikes of customs or quarantine officials or other regionaldisputes, civil unrest, The danger brought by war or weather which caused thecongestion of the express channel, Party B will still try its best to complete thedelivery task, but it is not obligated to bear the responsibility for compensationafterwards。


1. 乙方“跨境电商进口”服务费报价表如附件一。

1. The quotation form of Party B's “cross-border e-commerce import” servicefee is as shown in Annex 1.2. 乙方有权向甲方发货前 5 个工作日内收取一定数额的海关税费及乙方管理费的履约保证金。乙方根据甲方上个自然月的业务量及时调整履约保证金金额(详见附件二《跨境电商保证金收取标准》,此费用包含海关跨境电商税费和乙方综合配套管理费的保证金)。履约保证金在合同双方解除合同时,且确认甲方在合同期内的行为没有违反本合同的相关规定,并与双方全部财务账务结清后,多余的费用无息归还甲方。本合同签订之日,甲方提供商品备案时需支付 1000 美元,或 7000 元人民币履约保证金,此后履约保证金数额根据乙方上个月的业务量按附表的标准进行相应的调整,甲方在每批发货前 5 个工作日内补足支付给乙方。甲方支付履约保证金到乙方指定的银行账户后,乙方提供履约保证金收据给甲方。3. Party B has the right to charge a certain amount of customs tax and theperformance bond of Party B's management fee within five business daysbefore Party A delivers. Party B shall timely adjust the amount ofperformance bond according to the business volume of Party A's lastnatural month (for details, please refer to Annex II, “Cross-borderE-commerce Margin Collection Standard”, which includes the customscross-border e-commerce tax and the comprehensive supportingmanagement fee of Party B) . The performance bond is refunded whenboth parties terminate the contract, and it is confirmed that Party A’sbehavior during the contract period does not violate the relevant provisionsof this contract, and after all the financial accounts of both parties havebeen settled, the excess expenses will be returned to Party A withoutinterest. On the date of signing this contract, Party A shall pay a deposit ofUSD 1000 or 7,000 RMB for the filing of commodity. After that, the amountof the performance bond shall be adjusted according to the standard ofParty B in previous month. Party A shall complete the payment to Party Bwithin 5 businessdays before each wholesale shipment. After Party A pays the performance bond to the bank account designated by Party B, Party Bshall provide the performance bond receipt to Party A.4. 双方约定的结算周期一般为一个月,每月业务量超过 50 万美元的,可以 15天结算一次。4. The settlement period agreed by both parties is generally one month. If themonthly business volume exceeds 500,000 US dollars, it can be settled onceevery 15 days.5. 乙方在次月 5 日前开出上一个月的收费清单以及当月应补足支付的履约保证金金额以电子邮件发给甲方,甲方在收到清单后 5 个工作日内核对并回复乙方(甲方预期不回复的,被视为甲方已确认)。甲方应在收到费用清单或履约保证金补缴金额通知后 5 个工作日内付款给乙方。5. Party B shall issue the list of fees for the previous month before the 5th ofthe following month and the amount of the performance bond to be paid in thecurrent month and send it to Party A by e-mail. Party A will respond to Party Bwithin five business days after receiving the list ( If Party A does not expect toreply, it is deemed that Party A has confirmed it). Party A shall pay Party Bwithin five business days after receiving the fee list or the payment of theperformance bond payment bill.6. 甲方逾期付款的,逾期付款额每日 0.3%向乙方支付滞纳金,若甲方逾期付款超过三十天,乙方有权解除合同,并从保证金中扣减甲方所欠款项(含滞纳金),如保证金不足以支付所欠款项(含滞纳金),乙方将保留追诉甲方偿还的权利;甲方必需结清所欠乙方的全部款项(含滞纳金),并承担乙方为实现权利而支付的律师费、控诉费、差旅费等费用。7. If Party A delays payment, Party A shall pay the overdue payment Party Bby 0.3% per day as the late fee. If Party A fails to make the payment morethan 30 days, Party B has the right to terminate the contract and deduct theamount owed by Party A from the deposit (including late payment fee) If thesecurity deposit is insufficient to pay the amount owed (including latepayment fee), Party B will retain the right to pursue Party A's repayment Party A must settle all the money owed to Party B (including late paymenfees) and bear the fees for legal fees, complaints, travel expenses, e