Tai Bao 600 mg/120 capsules

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Tai Bao
Soy oligopeptide can quickly replenish human nitrogen source, restore physical strength, relieve fatigue, improve " energy"

Tai Bao


Small molecule active peptide It is a substance secreted by the body itself, mainly distributed in nerve tissues and other tissues and organs. It is involved in the growth and development of the human body and the metabolism of three major substances: protein, fat, and sugar. It is precisely because it increases or decreases the amount of secretion in the body, which controls the normal rate and quality of protein synthesis, and controls the normal replication and synthesis of cells. Soy oligopeptides can quickly replenish the body's nitrogen source, restore physical strength, relieve fatigue, and improve "Jingqi Shen"; the contained lecithin has a lipid-lowering effect; weight-loss effect; glucose-lowering effect; calcium and various trace elements and various Vitamins

B. Main Ingredients

Vitamin B1Vitamin B2Vitamin B3Vitamin B6BiotinVitamin D3Folic acidVitamin B12Calcium GluconateMagnesium OxideZinc GluconateSoy oligopeptid

C. Main Function

Soy oligopeptide efficacy:

--- Soy oligopeptides can quickly replenish the body's nitrogen source, restore physical strength, relieve fatigue, and improve "Jingqishen"; the contained lecithin has a lipid-lowering effect; weight loss effect; hypoglycemic effect; calcium and various trace elements As well as various vitamins.

--- With high nutrition, it is a small molecule active polypeptide with extremely strong activity and diversity, also known as small peptides, micropeptides, short peptides. It does not need to be digested, directly absorbs and directly enters the cell, and exerts its physiologically active role.

--- Has better absorption mechanism than any nutrient. It requires no digestion, direct absorption, active absorption, priority absorption, and does not consume human energy during absorption. It has the characteristics of 100% absorption and complete absorption.

--- After being absorbed by the human body, it acts as a carrier in the human body. It can load other nutrients entering the human body with calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, selenium, and copper on its own body and transport them to the body. position.

--- In the human body, as a means of transportation, various nutrients are transported to the position required by the human body.

--- After entering the human body, it acts as a messenger and transmits information to the nerves.

--- The rate of protein synthesis in the human body is 26% higher than that of amino acids.

--- Without the need for liver synthesis, it directly enters the cells and exerts its physiological activity.

--- Soy oligopeptides can prevent the body's absorption of cholesterol, promote fat metabolism, energy metabolism, burn fat, grow muscle, and restore human myoglobin.

D. Suitable For:

It can be taken at any age; children under 9 years old take 1 capsule a day.

 E. Dosage

Take 2-4 capsules twice a day. Strengthen the amount:  take 4-8 capsules three times a day before meals


Serving Size600mg/120 capsules/ btl

Shelf Life3 years

Manufacturer Merion, Inc.

Country of origin USA

WarningNot for pregnant and kids

StorageKeep bottle closed and store at room temperature.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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