Extraordinary Good News (2)

AliTaitai Industrial Holding, Inc and Merion, Inc formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement on January 8, 2019. Cooperation Projects (Excerpt):

Responsible for immediately integrating the existing e-commerce platform and direct sales license resources, selecting the small molecule + carrier high-tech functional products of Merion, Inc, and promote the products on Alitaitai’s own online shopping store and marketing channels during the Asian new years and spring festival holidays.

Responsible for contacting and implementing the resources of hospitals and health institutions in the Asian region, promoting the integration of Merion E-hospital customer base, and cooperating to provide online medical consultation by North American famous doctors, health consultation, medical treatment abroad, and overseas recovery for patients and sub health populations in Asia.


"Alitaitai Industrial Holdings Group" is the financial and commercial group company which is a joint venture of five companies in Hongkong, including Hong Kong Ali Taitai Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Taiwan China Ali Taitai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Patriotic No.1 Peace Fund, Ankang Ali Taitai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Fujian Ali Taitai Network Technology Co., Ltd. It has a legal direct sales license in Taiwan. And it is a comprehensive platform for engaging in major health + artificial intelligence + big data + education + finance + public welfare.

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