3*Lady-S 60-mg-120-capsules+insurance

Manufacturer: Merion Inc
The kit includes 3 bottles of Lady-S (one treatment) Being beautiful means having curves. Have beautiful legs without exercising!

Weight Loss  Product --Lady S (capsule)


-Lady S is a newly developed magic weight loss capsule,  one treatment can make you get weight loss 10-40 kg.

- It mainly contains raspberry ketone, α-lipoic acid, L-carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia extract, etc., which can help regulate metabolism, reduce the intake of food, promote fatty acid burning, and Inhibit fat absorption and weight gain and help the body to eliminate excess fat more quickly and effectively, so as to achieve the effect of slimming and losing weight. 

-It is currently the safest and no side-effect weight loss nutritional supplement.

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