Merion Inc. Supplements Manufacturing

Merion Inc. is a public biotechnology company. The ticker symbol is EWLU. Merion supplements manufactory is committed to bring a higher level of quality and service to contract and private-label nutritional and dietary supplement manufacturing. We meet all industry nutritional and dietary supplements manufacturing standards, including FDA and GMP compliance and cGMP certification. With over 20 years of industry experience, our professionals manage the process and produce the products with substantial quality controls for both custom formulations and private labeling. From the initial quote, raw material purchase, lab and testing, manufacturing and bottling, label and packaging to shipping and fulfillment, we provide a wide range of services to meet all of our clients’ needs.

We provide the services of the formulations, raw material purchase, FDA export certificate, the production of capsules, tablets, powders, solid drinks, tea bags, granules, convenience kits, soft gel capsules and the products and health food export to meet the different needs of our customers. We can also provide the fine powder for soft gel capsule factories and making the special types of soft gel capsules with Chinese herbal.

No matter what step of development you are currently at, Merion Manufacturing offers everything you will need. With flexible terms and capacity to manufacture both large and small orders, we guarantee the purity of our products through every step of the manufacturing process. We also offer a schedule flexible production runs to respond quickly to shifting market demands which will shorten the production processing to 15 days most.

We look forward to bringing your superior nutritional, dietary, and private label supplements manufacturing needs to life in the marketplace.


1. Hard Capsules Production (For Both Gelatin And Veggie Cap)

The hard capsule is made by gelatin as a raw material, which is produced by a capsule factory through a reasonable flow process. It is soluble in water at 30 ºC, swelling and deformation of water absorption at low temperature, and the content of moisture is between 13% to 16%. It has 24 months shelf life when keep in 35% to 65% relative humidity and at temperature 15 ~ 25 ºC. The best storage condition is in 50% relative humidity and at temperature 21 ºC.
Our company hard capsule standard is divided into 00,0,1,2,3,4,5 number, the greater the number, the smaller the volume.
The safety capsule is very difficult to open without breaking after the cap of the capsule is locked. The model is divided into 5 kinds of specifications of A, B, C, D, and E. Its volume is equivalent to the specifications of standard capsule 0,1,2,3,4.


2. Tablets Production

Ordinary Tablets: The raw materials and accessories are directly mixed and pressed into tablets, generally refers to the uncoated tablets. Most of the raw materials are compressed into ordinary tablets in a completed form by boiling water.
Coated Tablets: Refers to the coated tablets (compressed tablets). It can increase the stability of raw material pharmacology of the tablets, mask the bad smell of the drug; improve the appearance of the tablet and reduce the irritation through the coating.
Chewable Tablets: Chewable Tablets: Chewable tablets refer to chewing or sucking in the mouth to dissolve the tablet and then swallow it. It plays a systemic role in the gastrointestinal system and gastrointestinal absorption. 
Effervescent Tablets: Effervescent Tablets: Effervescent tablets contain sodium bicarbonate and organic acids that can emit large amounts of carbon dioxide in the water. This tablet can disintegrate rapidly in the water and can be taken orally.


3. Solid Beverages, Sachet Packaging Production

Flavor Solid Beverages: (Blueberry Flavor, Coffee Flavor, Tea Flavor, Fruity Solid Beverage, Milk Flavor, Fermented Flavor Solid Beverage, etc.)
Fruits and vegetables solid beverages: (Fruit Juice Solid Beverage, Vegetable Juice Solid Beverage, Fruit Powder, Fruit Juice Powder, Vegetable Powder, Vegetable Juice Powder, Compound Fruit And Vegetable Powder And Its Solid Beverage, Other Fruit And Vegetable Solid Beverage)
Protein Solid Beverages: (Including Composite Protein Solid Beverage, Vegetable Protein Solid Beverage, Milk Protein Solid Beverage, Other Protein Mixed Solid Beverage)
Tea solid Beverage: (seasoning tea solid beverage, fruit juice tea beverage, instant tea, ground tea powder, milk tea solid beverage, other flavored tea solid beverage)
Coffee Solid Beverage: (Instant Coffee Beverage, Instant Coffee, Grind Coffee, Other Coffee Solid Beverages)
Plant solid beverage: (nutrient solid Beverage, sports solid Beverage, cereal solids Beverage, herbal solid Beverage, cocoa solid Beverage, special purpose solid Beverage, electrolyte solid Beverage, other plant solid beverage)


4. Teabag Production

5. Powder Production

6. Granules Production

Granules is the granular formulation made by main raw materials and accessories mixed together. It can be divided into soluble granules, suspending granules and effervescent granules. If the particle size is in the range of 105-500 microns , it known as fine granules. Its main feature is that it can be swallowed directly, or it can also be poured into the water for drinking. It is convenient to carry, and the dissolution and absorption speed are faster.


7. Dietary Supplement Export

Our company meets cGMP standards, and it can provide export services of all types of dietary supplement products, including soft capsules, hard capsules, tablets, powder and teabags. Business scope includes sample trial, processing, OEM processing, large production, new product development and packaging of semifnished products.


8. Softgel Capsule Production

Two-color softgel capsules: same softgel capsule with the different color of the shells. It showed two colors of the entire softgel capsule.
Solid-liquid Suspended Softgel Capsules: The contents of the softgel capsule are formed by the dispersion of insoluble particles in liquid.
Contents Water-soluble softgel capsules: The most common matrix for soft capsule contents is vegetable oil. The contents of the water-soluble softgel capsules are based on an aqueous medium, which is suitable for products whose active ingredient is insoluble in oil and soluble in aqueous bases. The disintegration release of the active ingredients of such softgel capsules can be absorbed rapidly.
Soft Capsule OEM: The company's partner owns cGMP standard manufacturing facility, several fully automatic packaging lines, a variety of models of softgel capsules. An annual production capacity of 1 billion can fully meet the unique needs of different customers. Each year, we provide dozens of softgel capsule products production services to dozens of health care products enterprises.