News Release

On Nov. 14, 2018, the company file the third-quarter Form 10-Q on time. We are on the right track now. We will continue develop the market, increase the sales, and promote our high-tech small molecular+ carrier healthcare products to Southeast Asia market, and be well-known by most of the people.

1. Company market positioning: E-Commerce and OEM wholesale market, and specific program market.

2. Company products positioning: 
(1) Males:Male enhancement supplements (plant based Viwooba capsules, 4 capsules per time, return customers are up to 98%);
(2) Females:weight lost and beauty products (Lady S for weight loss and magical source for wrinkle and spots removal )
(3) Supplements for cancer patient:(DWcan, first choice for overall nutrition supplements for cancer patient)
(4) specified products: Protein powder for body building, immune system strength, fatigue relieve and physical power enhancement.