Tai Bao 600 mg/120 capsules

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Tai Bao
Soy oligopeptide can quickly replenish human nitrogen source, restore physical strength, relieve fatigue, improve " energy"

Tai Bao

Small molecule active peptide It is a substance secreted by the body itself, mainly distributed in nerve tissues and other tissues and organs. Participated in the growth and development of the human body and the metabolism of proteins, fats and sugars. It is precisely because it increases or decreases the amount of secretion in the body, controlling the normal synthesis speed and quality of proteins, controlling the normal replication and synthesis of cells.

After years of research, scientists have found that the amount of active peptides secreted in the body will gradually decrease after the age of 30, leading to the gradual shrinkage of cells, slowing down of division, and loss of vitality.


Soy oligopeptide efficacy:

--- Soy oligopeptide can quickly replenish human nitrogen source, restore physical strength, relieve fatigue, improve "fine spirit"; contains lecithin with lipid-lowering effect; weight loss; hypoglycemic effect; calcium supplementation and various trace elements And a variety of vitamins, is the top grade to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

--- Highly nutritious, it is a small molecule active peptide with strong activity and diversity, also called small peptide, micro peptide, short peptide. It does not need to be digested, directly absorbed and directly enters the cell to exert physiological activity.

--- has an absorption mechanism superior to any nutrient. It does not need to be digested, directly absorbed, actively absorbed, preferentially absorbed, does not consume human energy when absorbed, has 100% absorption characteristics, and has complete absorption characteristics.

--- After being absorbed by the human body, it acts as a carrier in the human body. It can carry other nutrients that enter the human body, and calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, selenium, and copper, on their own bodies, and transport them to the body. position.

--- In the human body as a means of transport to transport a variety of nutrients to the body's required location.

--- After entering the human body, it acts as a messenger and transmits information to the nerves.

--- The rate of synthetic protein in the human body is 26% higher than that of amino acids.

--- No need for liver synthesis, directly into the cell, play a physiological role.

--- Soy oligopeptides have the effects of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood viscosity, preventing atherosclerosis, heart disease and blood clots. It can prevent the body's absorption of cholesterol, promote fat metabolism, energy metabolism, burn fat, grow muscles, and restore human myoglobin.


Soy oligopeptide health care function:

--- Soy oligopeptides have attracted attention because of their excellent digestion, absorption and processing properties. Many soybean oligopeptides can be obtained using different enzyme systems or different separation methods, and now the enzyme degradation technology can regulate the chain length and composition of the polypeptide. In addition, great progress has been made in the study of its physiological functions.

--- Easy to digest and absorb. Synthetic has solved its digestive problem in vitro, it does not need to be digested and directly absorbed into the human body;

--- Promote energy metabolism, thereby showing anti-obesity effects;

--- Promote excessive fatigue to restore mental and physical effects;

--- Increase muscle endurance and promote myoglobin recovery;

--- has low antigen, hypoallergenic;

--- Lower cholesterol, can regulate blood viscosity, improve vascular permeability, prevent arterial atherosclerosis, prevent cerebral thrombosis, prevent stroke;

--- Anti-oxidation, eliminate free radicals in the human body, prevent the formation of new free radicals, delay the process of human degradation and aging;

--- Shows the effect of lowering blood pressure by inhibiting ACE activity;

--- regulate insulin secretion, thereby achieving the effect of lowering blood sugar;

--- Promote the growth and development of microorganisms, regulate and improve gastrointestinal function, soy protein and amino acid composed of the same amino acid have no such effect;

--- It also has a certain promoting effect on bifidobacteria.

Therefore, the nutritional properties of soybean oligopeptides can be applied to health products such as hypoallergenic foods, sports foods, sports drinks, antihypertensive foods, and restorative fatigue foods.


It can be seen that soybean oligopeptide can reduce blood lipids, and it has the functions of preventing obesity, lowering blood cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, lowering antigen, increasing bone density, and preventing osteoporosis and antioxidation.


Soy oligopeptide becomes the theoretical basis of a new high-end functional food:

1) Excellent physical and chemical properties: good taste, good flavor, no bean flavor, no protein denaturation, no acid precipitation, no solidification, easy to dissolve in water, good fluidity, etc.

2) High nutrient and easy absorption: The amino acid composition of soybean oligopeptide is the same as that of soy protein, which has the characteristics of high quality protein and high nutritional value.

3) A variety of physiological functions: lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, promoting lipid metabolism, promoting microbial growth, lowering antigen, regulating blood sugar, improving endurance, and promoting mineral absorption.

4) "Double protein" theory: The human body not only needs to ingest certain animal proteins, but also needs to ingest certain plant proteins.

5) Good safety: the safety of plant proteins is well recognized. The soybean oligopeptide obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis and separation using soybean protein as a raw material has the safety of plant protein and is a green food. 


The main features of soybean oligopeptide:

First, it is highly nutritious. It is the result of three-dimensional deep processing of macromolecular proteins. It is a small molecule active peptide that does not need to be digested, directly absorbed, rapidly replenishes human nitrogen sources, and synthesizes human proteins.

Second, soybean oligopeptides act as carriers, vehicles, neurotransmitters, and messengers in the body.

Third, soybean oligopeptides have the advantages of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood viscosity, preventing atherosclerosis, heart disease and thrombosis. It can prevent the body's absorption of cholesterol, promote fat metabolism, energy metabolism, burn fat, grow muscles, and restore human myoglobin.

Fourth, the weight loss effect of soybean oligopeptides is mainly to promote “subtraction”. That is to regulate the metabolism of endocrine and lipids to lose weight, therefore, weight loss does not hurt the body. While Chinese medicine and western medicine lose weight, it hurts the kidneys and liver. This is also a major problem in the study of all weight-loss drugs in the world. The products of the world's weight loss, whether Chinese medicine or western medicine, have certain side effects, that is, the body is injured. Some obese people, after taking weight-loss products, generally feel stomach discomfort, liver discomfort, kidney discomfort, and some kidney loss, and some feel back pain. Therefore, how to solve the problem of not only losing weight, but also not hurting the body has become a world problem in the treatment of obesity. 


【Main ingredients】

Vitamin B1、Vitamin B2、Vitamin B3、Vitamin B6、Biotin、Vitamin D3、Folic acid、Vitamin B12、Calcium、Magnesium、Zinc、Soy oligopeptide.


【Suitable For】

It can be taken at any age; children under 9 years old take 1 capsule a day. Long-term use, no side effects.  



Take 2-4 capsules twice a day. Strengthen the amount:  take 4-8 capsules three times a day, The fasting effect is best.

【specification 】600mg/120capsule

【Manufacturer】MERION,INC. USA

【Shelf Life】3年

【Notice】This product is not a substitute for the therapeutic effect of the drug.




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